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ROBO-8120VG2R is based on Intel® 3420 chipset and dual Xeon® processors. It‘s a server grade SHB built with high computing power and flexible PCI express expansion support, it‘s suitable for military, industrial automation, and digital signage applications.


  1. Support Intel® Dual/Quad Core™ Xeon® processors with LGA 1366 package
  2. Delivers up to 32 GB DDR3 maximum ECC registered memory assured the computer reliability and benefited the data swapping process
  3. Adopt XGI Z11 graphic engine offers solid 2D performance
  4. Support VGA display on bracket and optional 2nd VGA or DVI-D interface
  5. Rich & powerful I/O expansion covers PCIE Gen 2.0 for one PCI Express x16 or two PCI Express x 8 or four PCI Express x4
  6. High speed dual Gigabit Ethernet based on PCI Express x1 interface provides Wake-On-LAN function
  7. Rich I/O connectors such as FDD, two Gigabit Ethernet, serial ports, parallel port, USB 2.0, and SATA ports

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Accessory List


cable kit for 1 serial + 1 parallel port w/ bracket                         
Qty. x 1
FDD Cable                                                                                               
Qty. x 1
SATA II cable                                                                                         
Qty. x 1
PICMG SBC Handling and Installation Notice                                
Qty. x 1
Installation CD                                                                                      
Qty. x 1
single processor cooler                                                                     
Qty. x 1



PICMG 1.3(PCI-E+PCI).LGA1366.Jasper Forest Single/Dual/Quad Core™ processors.SHB.w/VGA/ Dual GbE

  1. PS/2 Keyboard/Mouse Cable with Bracket: PS/2 keyboard/mouse connectors on bracket
  2. USB cable with bracket: Two USB ports with bracket
  3. DVI-D+ VGA cable with bracket: One port DVI-D + one port VGA cable with bracket