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Happy Series - HS3577

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19" 3U High Density storage RackServer hot -Swapable HDD Tray

Design feature:

Best design for thermal engineering and dynamics

Main Boards Supported:

Supports various types of ATX Motherboards from ATX, full sized Extended ATX(12"*10.5" / 12"*13")


Effective EMI shielding protect system against min. 2 GHZ of radiation.


4 pcs Easy-Plugable 80mm DC--DC High speed Ball bearing fans(2 Ball)

Drive Space:

1 x CD-ROM ( notebook size), 1 x slim FDD, 10 to 12 pieces x 1.0 HDD Tray

LED Signals:

LED for HDD Access status

Driver Options:
  1. Lockable HDD Tray for High Security protection
  2. 10 ~ 12 pcs hot swappable HDD Ultra 320SCA ( or Serial ATA ) HDD

Net 14 Kg / Gross 17 Kg (PS/MB excluded )


W 431.8 x D 577 x H 133 mm

Optional accessories:

TS-22-3S (Screws : 10 ø 32T)


All heavy-duty steel, AWG GAUGE 18 standard, SGCC

Power supply:

550W or redundant 500W/650W PS

Ordering Information:
  • HS3577-10SA : 10*Serial ATA + Slim CD Rom+ Slim FDD
  • HS3577-10SA2 : 10*Serial ATA2 + Slim CD Rom+ Slim FDD
  • HS3577-10S: 10*SCA + Slim CD Rom+ Slim FDD
  • HS3577-12SA : 12*Serial ATA
  • HS3577-12SA2 : 12*Serial ATA2
  • HS3577-12S : 12*SCA