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ACE 916V

The ACE 916V 155W 12V DC Input PS/2 Type Computer Power Supply


  • Built-in ball bearing cooling fan
  • Extra P10 (+5V) connector for most
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Input Table
Input Range : +8.5 ~ +16V DC
Input Current: 25A@+12V
Output Table (at 50�XC)
Rated Load
Peak Output
+5V +12V -12V -5V +5V +12V
ACE-916V 20A 4A 0.5A 0.5A - 7A
Inrush Current
ACE-916V : Less than 10A@+12V DC
Ripple and Noise
Less than 1% of each output at rated load
Line Regulation
The line regulation for each outputs are less than 1%
Load Regulation
+5V :<+/-4%
Efficiency Higher than 65% (ACE-925C/916V), 70%(ACE-932T/950P/925T)
Altitude 0 ~ 15,000ft
Protectio Over voltage protection. The trip point is around 5.7V ~ 7.0V output
Short circuit and overload
Thermal Protection : Built-in 110��5�XC thermal switch in HS1
Vibration : 10 ~ 55Hz at 2G 3min. period,
30 min. along X, Y and Z axis
Shock : 10G for 20ms once on each X, Y and Z axis
MTBF 127,918 Hours
Safety UL 1950; TUV EN 60950, CSA 22.2 No. 234,(ACE-932T) meets CE.
EMI Meets FCC docket 20780 curve "B", EN55022 class "B">
Operating temperature -20°C~ 70°C (ACE-932T),0°C~ 50°C (ACE-925P/925T/925C/916V) (Derating curve will occur 50°C~ 70°C)
Storage temperature -40°C~ 75°C

Ordering Information:

Part No.
155W 12V DC input PS/2 type power supply
160W +12V DC input PS/2 type power supply